911 Dispatcher Job Essential Information

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911 dispatchers often are the first people contacted when emergency assistance is needed. They might work at call centers, police stations, fire stations or hospitals. A high school diploma is the standard requirement for this position, along with completion of emergency training or certification, depending on state mandates. Dispatchers need strong skills in communication and decision-making. Check out the following post to know more…….


Communication Skills: You will be listening and speaking to people by radio and phone, often in some state of distress. Your ability to listen, speak plainly and communicate effectively will be necessary.

Ability to Multitask: Dispatchers often are moving a lot of people around at the same time, tracking their movements and keeping tabs on what they need.

Problem-Solving Skills: You will need to be able to prioritize the most important situations, and think quickly on your feet. Read more here

911 Emergency Dispatcher Required Skills

911 dispatchers should be comfortable reading maps and be familiar with their assigned territories. It’s also helpful for 911 dispatchers to be trained in emergency medical services so they can help callers manage emergency situations while they’re waiting for help to arrive. Using this information, 911 dispatchers direct the appropriate type and number of emergency service units to emergency scenes.

911 Dispatcher Duties and Responsibilities

A variety of tasks come into play as 911 Dispatchers work to coordinate the appropriate response to callers’ situations. We analyzed job postings to identify these primary 911 Dispatcher duties and responsibilities. 911 Dispatchers often need to prioritize multiple incoming calls without getting overwhelmed, knowing that their decisions will play a critical factor in emergency services’ response time to each call. Read more here

A 911 dispatcher works with police and emergency medical teams to provide quick responses to emergencies. This expanding career field is ideal for a person with good communication skills and the ability to work under stressful conditions.

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