Construction and Development of Black Hat SEO Tactics

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Black hat SEO

Black hat search engine optimization refers to such practices and techniques that are used to increase a site’s rank in search engines. For this purpose, the means used violate the terms of service of search engine optimization.

In general, the term black hat is used for “bad guys”. Now-a-days these terms is getting familiar and used for the people like hackers, virus creators. In other words, we can say that this term is developed for people doing unethical activities.

Read this article by Kasia Perzyńska at about 8 techniques that are still in use:

8 Risky Black Hat SEO Techniques Used Today

by Kasia Perzyńska

In the world of SEO, we have clear policies to follow. Rules are established to provide a useful, relevant and safe environment and to ensure the quality of user experience. Ranking high requires keeping up with the current and changing SEO trends and constantly adjusting your approach to suit any new algorithm updates.

On the other side, there are the people (spammers) who try to outsmart search engines and bring organic traffic to their websites without following any rules, but breaking them instead. That’s the dark side of SEO.

If you are curious, what the most common black hat SEO practices used to manipulate Google today are just keep on reading, I am going to reveal them within this article!

Read the list here..

Black hat tactics

Here is the list of some black hat tactics that should not be performed in order to stay in search engines
• Doorway pages.
• Link schemes.
• Article spinning.
• Keyword stuffing.
• Cloaking.
• Pages with hateful behavior etc.

Check out this infographic by Breeanne Martin at for black hat techniques:


Google has warned that black hat tactics are “unethical, overly aggressive marketing efforts where a company tries to manipulate search engine results in an unfair way.” Despite Google’s warnings, many Internet companies persist in providing black hat SEO services. The truth is, using black hat tactics on your site can be as scary as facing these slasher movie murderers.

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There are certain punishments for the people who attempt black hat SEO. These punishments include:

• Getting Deindexed:
If a person is involved in such kind of activity than there is a great risk of getting Deindexed. It means that your website will not be shown in the search results even if you enter the same domain name.

• Chances of getting penalize:
The chances of getting penalized will increase. This increase will lessen the ranking of your website. Moreover, there is no such ways through which you can check either you are penalized or not.

Watch this video by Elevate Income for techniques that actually produce results: is a reliable source for good and authentic SEO techniques.

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