An Amazing Technique To Open A Bottle With A Pop Lighter

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Bottle pop lighter is an amazing technique through which you can easily open a bottle. On the other hand a lack of casual bottle openers can spoil your party. So this is a technique which is used to bright up your party unless, you should know how to use a lighter in a proper way.

Read this post by Sophie Curtis at about a good idea adopted by Hyundai:

USB ports replace cigarette lighters in motoring first

South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai has announced that it will replace cigarette lighter sockets with USB power points in cars made for the domestic market.

By Sophie Curtis

Hyundai said its decision would affect all passenger cars and SUVs sold in Korea from October.
Hyundai’s decision follows a domestic survey that showed many drivers used the lighter jack to charge mobile phones or tablet computers rather than for lighting cigarettes.
A spokesman said that Hyundai was “the first auto company in the world” to make the change, and that the company would survey consumers in other countries to see whether it should be adopted elsewhere.

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Opening a bottle with a pop lighter is all about the force you are applying on it. You can easily use your one hand to hold the pop lighter firmly below the cap and the other hand to pop off the top.

Using a pop lighter is considered as one of the most popular way to open a bottle without a bottle opener. This is absolutely a high level technique and used by many people.

Check out this post by Peter Lenaghan at about a disaster probably caused by a lighter:

Rochester Hotel fatal explosion likely triggered by cigarette lighter, leaking gas, coroner told

By Peter Lenaghan
Posted 12 Dec 2016
An explosion that killed two men working at a pub in northern Victoria was likely caused by a cigarette lighter igniting gas leaking from a fridge, a coronial inquest has heard.

Barry Purtell, 34, and Dave Lobb, 52, died after being badly burned in the blast in the Rochester Hotel’s cellar in June 2014.

The pair had been helping the publicans close down the hotel and were removing a refrigeration unit when it exploded.

Both of the men were smokers.

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Here is a simple way to open a bottle with a lighter. But this technique is all about your power. The first thing is to hold the bottle as close to the top as possible. Curl your pointer around the top of the bottle, leaving a free space for the lighter to be inserted. And just place the corner of the lighter beneath the cap and push.

Watch this video by Lance Stewart about a fire experiment that caused a huge explosion:

This technique will immediately pop off the top. Visit us to buy custom branded lighters.

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